Deciding on Canada

Canada’s high net national wealth and a very high Human Development Index earns it membership in the G8 and the G20. Canada is physically the second largest country in the world after Russia, has a highly-educated population of 35 million speaking 200 languages, contains approximately 60% of the world’s lakes, is bordered by 3 oceans and is over 9,000 km wide. For more general information see ‘About Canada’.

Plan for a profitable landing in Canada.

Navigate Business Canada will help you make informed decisions when it comes to setting up your company in Canada. Our tailored approach adds valuable local knowledge to these key components in your decision-making process. Our model is to meet with you to understand your company, products and goals for the Canadian market. A number of services are outlined below, the outcome of our meeting is to determine what mix of services best meet your needs. We move forward with clearly defined objectives to meet your expectations. We want to be your trusted advisors and help you navigate the maze of business investment in Canada.

  • Market identification/ research: We want you to be successful in Canada and avoid any expensive mistakes. The key to any sucessful business opportunity is to understand the market and current competition in Canada. What would motivate consumers to select your products and services over that of your competitor? How do you get the customers you want, deliver the goods and/or services in a way that is profitable for you? Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to make sure there is a fit for your offering in the Canadian market, by providing you with information on its size, profitability and current competition.

  • Market planning: We focus on protecting your investment. Market planning is a cornerstone activity to ensure your company’s investment of resources (time and material) provides the desired return on investment. Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to assist your team in developing a Marketing Plan that will be well received in Canada, in the marketing channels appropriate for your target markets.

  • Sales Leads: We want to prove the market is here for you. The development of leads will help quantify the potential market, by identifying prospective purchasers of your products or services. Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to develop a list of sales leads for the market defined in the Market Plan.

  • Investment Incentives We would like to see you take advantage of any incentives available. A wide array of incentives from various sources including three levels of government (Federal, provincial and municipal) may be available to offset some of your start-up costs, or reduce some of your operating costs for the first few years. Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to help you navigate through the investment process, where we will identify incentives available and appropriate for your company, successfully navigating the maze of business investment in Canada.

  • Business Plan We like to have things documented. The business plan provides your company executive with the information they need to authorize expansion into the Canadian market along with financial and human resources required for success. These serve as a blueprint to guide the company’s through its startup and first year of operation, identifying milestones and measurements. Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to work collaboratively with your company’s team to provide your executive with a realistic plan for Canada.

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