Growing and Thriving Long Term in Canada

Our desire is to earn your trust and maintain an long-term relationship with your company. Once your initial location has been up and running for a while, your business may want to look at opportunities to ensure continued success. Here are some points to consider:

Business Plan → is yours a living document?
Marketing review → are you maximizing repeat customers, are you optimizing pipeline flow-
through rates cost-effectively?
Competitive Landscape have you reviewed your prices, can they be increased or do they need
to be reduced to stay competitive? Is your differentiation strategy still effective?
Operational efficiencies can costs be cut, or more production gained from the same resources?
Could some aspects be outsourced to free up resources?
Risk assessment (competitor, personnel and operational) → where are your exposures or
weaknesses? Are they well monitored?
Key Performance Indicators Reporting do you have all of the management information to
measure success?
Expanding markets is the timing right to expand your markets domestically or internationally?

Navigate Business Canada knows the dedicated and hard work it takes to keep a company profitable, grow and thrive. We know we can help you prosper.

In addition, we can help you with the following:

  • Procurement: We believe you should get the best goods and services at a competitive price. Having a well-defined procurement process keeps your costs in line. Navigate Business Canada has the expertise to guide you through the procurement process as it has a deep pool of experience from working both sides of the procurement process for goods, services and technology.

  • Partnering Strategies: We know at times there will be advantages available to your company through partnerships. In Canada, aboriginal groups can be preferred suppliers of goods or services. Navigate Business Canada has worked with Aboriginal groups and understands their unique cultures.

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