Launching Successfully in Canada

  • Market (Message/Channel): We want Canadians to identify with your market message. Selecting the right message and channel (seminars, trade shows, stakeholder engagements) to reach Canadian audiences is a critical step in the launch process. Navigate Business Canada can work with you to design your website and marketing approach to resonate with Canadian clients.

  • Sales/Pipeline build: We strive to build your confidence. Building a sales pipeline and properly managing it leads companies to success. The process of taking sales leads through a defined series of steps, to qualify the lead, obtain their interest, present the company’s value proposition, quote the deal, negotiate and ultimately close the sale. Depending on the goods or services offered, each step could take days, weeks or months, and with each step a reduction in the potential number of leads actually becoming a closed sale. Navigate Business Canada’s goal is to help you (or we can undertake to do it) develop an initial pipeline for your company, ensuring a successful entry into the Canadian market.

  • Business Services – financial institutions: We would like to see your company leverage Canada’s strong banking system. Canada is noted for its world class banks that provide a wide range of products and services to businesses of all sizes. Navigate Business Canada’s objective is to utilize its network within the financial institution network to provide your company with a comprehensive cost-effective package of services, to enable you to operate efficiently in Canada.

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